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Welcome to Southern Cross Pottery

Southern Cross Pottery specializes is the manufacture of all Australian hand made gravity stoneware water  purifiers.  These purifiers remove virtually all impurities including giardia, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and fluoride.  Our LARGE and ULTRA SLIM purifiers are fitted either with a 12 month ROYAL DOULTON SUPER STERYSIL® filter or a 12 month SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™ filter.   The Doulton® is the perfect filter for tank water and for municipally treated water when no fluoride is added.  The Fluoride Plus™ is the perfect filter to choose when fluoride is added to municipally treated water and you wish to remove the fluoride. The SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™  is brand new on the market and imported from England, and is an "all in one" filter.  It removes far more impurities than the royal doulton including fluoride, chloramines, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. This filter removes fluoride WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY ACTIVATED ALUMINA, please click our FLUORIDE BUTTON on the home page to find out how. These purifiers keep the water cool as well as improving the taste and all without plumbing or electricity. All fitted with stainless steel taps and all components are made of high fire stoneware - no plastic inners.  Over 40 colour combinations to choose from! The Fluoride Plus™ filter is the same size as the Doulton - 5 inch - and will fit any of our old purifiers and just about any other gravity systems including Durand, Waterco, Stefani, Pozzani and Australis.

All Water Purifiers Now Fitted with Stainless Steel Water Filter Taps!

Do You Know What Is In The Water You Are Drinking?

If you think that the water coming out of your tap is clean – you better think again!

Depending on where you live, the quality of the water coming out of your tap, which you drink everyday, varies enormously.

Think about this for a moment, your drinking water comes from a dam which is, generally, miles from where you are. To get to you, this water has to travel through water pipes that are, in many cases, more than 100 years old! Have you ever looked at the inside of a water pipe that has been in service for only a few years?

Well, if you haven’t – you should! They are lined with all sorts of sediment. This sediment contains all sorts of impurities which can severely impact on the health of you and your family. The pipes that deliver your water to you are likely to contain bacteria such as, e-coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and salmonella. Then there are foreign elements in the sediment in the pipes such as iron, copper, lead and aluminium.

On top of all of that there are those chemicals introduced into the water supply by the authorities to try to make your water clean such as chlorine and fluoride (whether you want them to or not)!

If you gather and store your own water in storage tanks when was the last time you had your system cleaned out? Chances are that the water you are drinking has far too many impurities in it to be good for you.

And you thought you were drinking clean fresh water!

The fact is that your tap water is not clean and is certainly far from pure and whilst the authorities will tell you that the levels of impurities are minimal they can never tell you that your water is pure.

You don’t have to take our word for this. There are dozens of independent websites that you can visit to get all the grubby details on your tap water and what it is likely to contain.

If you had the choice between drinking impure water or pure we know what you would choose.

The good news is that you do have a choice – and that’s where we come in.

At Southern Cross Pottery we have been involved in supplying ceramic water purifiers for more than 20 years. Our water filter systems are proven to significantly reduce the impurities in the water you are currently drinking. 

In fact, our range of ceramic water purifiers filter out as much of 99.99% of impurities & have a water cooler effect - producing naturally cool great tasting drinking water. Water purifiers substantially reduce risks of ill health.

Our ceramic water purification system removes impurities - stoneware water purifiers act as natural water coolers & make your drinking water taste better - all without the need for plumbing or electricity. 

Southern Cross Pottery offers by far the largest selection of handmade ceramic water purifiers in Australia. We proudly use Royal Doulton Water Filters in our stoneware water filter products or our brand new SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™, See History of Royal Doulton


You can:

  • Buy our stoneware water purifiers online, or
  • See our Outlets Page and buy your water filters at a reseller near you, or
  • If you live or are travelling around Boambee (Coffs Harbour, NSW) visit our Stoneware Purifier Showroom/Gallery open 7 days a week and just a few minutes from the Pacific Highway, see map.

We urge you to check out our website so that you are informed on what you need to be doing to enjoy clean, pure drinking water from your own stoneware water purifier – for less than 3cents a litre!


To summarise, the Stoneware water purifier removes impurities, keeps the water cool naturally, makes the water taste better all without the need for plumbing or electricity.  If you are thinking of buying a water purifier, Southern Cross Pottery offers by far the largest selection of handmade pottery water purifiers in Australia - fluoride water purifiers, stoneware water purifiers, ceramic water purifiers, clay water purifiers, as well as water coolers & other types of water filters.