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Fluoride has been added to municipal water supplies all over the world and the rational for adding it to tap water has been acclaimed but never really proven protection against dental caries; See Fluoride in drinking water: a scientific review of EPA's standards by National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water, Guidelines for drinking-water quality, Volume 3 by World Health Organization, and Fluoride in drinking-water by John Kirtley Fawell.

For those who want fluoride removed we have specially designed a fluoride water purifier that will accomplish this end. We also sell four other size water purifiers that do not remove fluoride but remove virtually all other contaminants (see gallery/prices on our website - ultra slim, small, slimline and large water purifiers).

To explain a little about fluoride removal there are a few really good ways to go about it. The best technologies are reverse osmosis and distillation, both remove fluoride very well. If you do not want the very expensive treatment of a distiller or a reverse osmosis system, the third best way is a simple filter with a cartridge containing activated alumina, which is the standard industry strategy for fluoride removal. This third option is what we can offer you. Unlike reverse osmosis and distillation, the filtration system we use for our fluoride water purifiers does not remove healthful minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and does not leave the water tasting “flat”.

Initially the water is filtered with a royal doulton super sterasyl ceramic and carbon filter which removes virtually all contaminants with the notable exception of fluoride, see Royal Doulton fact sheet. It then flows through a second filter, a post filter fluoride reduction element or PF-4 filter manufactured by New Millennium Concepts, manufacturers of Berkey Water Filters, see PF-4 fact sheet.PF-4

Fluoride water purifiers with activated alumina are popular and they are most often used in conjunction with a carbon filter since activated alumina alone does little for the water except remove fluoride and arsenic. Fluoride water filter does not improve the taste or remove other chemical contaminants, cysts and bacteria but a water purifier with a carbon filter can make high-quality water filter available at a very affordable price.

Because the water filters through 2 systems joined one on top of the other (see accompanying illustration) it was necessary to design a water container that is much taller than our normal containers.

Fluoride water purifiers are available IN ALL COLOURS and not limited to the colours featured on the Fluoride gallery - contact us for other colours.

Price: $429

  • Australian Made Stoneware
  • Approximate Capacity 18 Liters
  • Approximate Height 650 MM
  • Removes up to > 99.75% Fluoride
  • Reduces Fluoride in Water to less than 50 Parts per Billion (PPB)
  • Each SCP Fluoride Filtration System Includes 1 Complete Stoneware System Plus 1 -12 Month  Royal Doulton Super Sterasyl Carbon Filter Plus 2  - PF -4  Six Month Fluoride Filters.

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