Please note that water purification systems ordered after November 1st may not be ready in time for a Christmas delivery. This does not apply to replacement filters and taps, which will still be shipped usually the following day.

SCP Water Filtration System With SCP Floride Plus™ filter

With reference to the advisability of adding fluoride to drinking water there are literally thousands of articles on the internet both pro and con. We are happy to offer a range of ceramic purifiers with an option of:

  1. a Royal Doulton® filter which removes most everything except fluoride and
  2. a SCP Fluoride Plus™ filter that removes fluoride plus lots more.

For those who want fluoride removed we now import SCP Fluoride PLus™ filter which removes everything that the Royal Doulton Super Sterasyl® filter removes PLUS 97% of fluoride plus heavy metals, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, herbicides and many other contaminants not removed by the Doulton filter. This all in one 5 inch long filter also filters to 0.5 micron absolute (vs 0.9 micron with the Doulton) making it literally the finest filter on the planet. Please see SCP Fluoride Plus™ for more information.

To explain a little about fluoride removal there are a few really good ways to go about it. Two technologies are reverse osmosis and distillation, both remove fluoride very well, although our understanding is that a lot of water is wasted and a lot of electricity is used in the process. If you do not want the very expensive treatment of a distiller or a reverse osmosis system, a third way is a simple filter with a cartridge containing revolutionary class leading proprietary materials; this third option is what we can offer you.

SCP Fluoride Plus™ Water Filter Technology

Our SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™ filter, manufactured in England, features a unique technology designed to provide the highest quality drinking water and removes fluoride WITHOUT THE USE OF ACTIVATED ALUMINA. This is accomplished by using a proprietary matrix comprising of at least two types of activated carbon, combined with crystalline mono and di-calcium phosphate along with chemically active calcium carbonate, structurally bound with polymers. This unique adsorbent will adsorb and or exchange a variety of organic and inorganic substances; including most heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines and fluoride.

Unlike reverse osmosis and distillation, the filtration system we use for our fluoride water purifiers does not remove healthful minerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, and does not leave the water tasting “flat”. Our sytem of fluoride removal involves no electricity and no plumbing and a replacement filter in 12 months time retails for $89.00. Assuming one uses an average amount of drinking water a year, about 2000 litres, the cost is just 4 to 5 cents per litre. The handmade pottery stoneware container is arguably a very attractive addition to your home or office, the water is stored in a perfect environment free of plastics and metals and the water is cooled naturally in the stoneware container. Our new SCP Fluoride Plus™ also increases the alkalinity of the drinking water.